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Swedish-born artist Hanna Ögonsten has made a return with her focus single "Kick Off My Shoes" from her sophomore EP "have you seen my mind 'cause I've lost it".

The EP showcases Ögonsten's distinctive alt-pop sound, characterized by synth-heavy production and her own style of dance-pop. Each song on the EP is written and produced in collaboration with Carl Goldkuhl and others.

"Kick Off My Shoes," the focus track, originated from a piano composition but has been transformed with a melancholic touch, reminiscent of deep lounge-inspired music. The song captures the liberating power of letting go. The opening track, "stupidasscoolboys," features an electronic trap beat and distorted vocals, evoking the style of DJ and producer Yaeji. "Big Teeth" explores a slower, more mellow side of Ögonsten's sound, while "Lost It" draws inspiration from punk and indie-rock, delving into the common feeling of insecurity.

Regarding "Kick Off My Shoes," Ögonsten shares that she was influenced by Ben Howard's song "Black Flies" and its metaphorical lyrics. She wanted to play around with the concept and came up with the idea of "If you were an island, I wouldn't set my foot there." She describes it as goofy out of context but expresses her satisfaction with the outcome. Ögonsten reflects on the process of creating her second EP saying;

“I write a diary on my cell phone. Or at least I write lots of notes. They're about a little bit of everything, mostly my feelings. I've been doing this since I was a young teenager, but this autumn I realised that the tone in my notes had changed. They weren't happy and I almost sounded bitter. I was surprised, it didn't really feel like me. But thinking about it, I realised it's not that unexpected. Being a young woman in the music industry means to constantly be reminded that you are ‘a female producer’ and that you therefore should be questioned. It's exhausting. I realised that it was time to get this out of my mind and the result became this EP…I'm so proud of how it turned out.”

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