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Griff's latest single 'Vertigo' marks the beginning of a new creative chapter for the multi-talented pop star, offering a candid exploration of the emotional rollercoaster of love and early adulthood.

Making a captivating return with her latest single, 'Vertigo' - which premiered as Radio 1's Hottest Record in The World - this intimate and cinematic track showcases Griff's ability to capture the disorienting journey of early adulthood, all while offering a sense of grounded wisdom beyond her years.

Produced solely by Griff, 'Vertigo' unfolds over a single note, demonstrating her 360-degree approach to music. Exploring the emotional turbulence of one's early twenties, where love and self-discovery often leave individuals feeling like the world is spinning faster than they can keep up, Griff's lyrics resonate with many as she acknowledges the universal fear of love and the challenges of growing up. Reflecting on 'Vertigo,' Griff states,

"It refers to an emotional state - always feeling upside down. Experiencing love and growing up, it always feels like the world and my emotions are spinning faster than I can keep up with. 'Vertigo' is the beginning of a new creative chapter for me, and I'm excited for us all to go on this journey together."

With a new look and the same extraordinary talent, she continues to fearlessly stand out in the music industry, ready to lead her fans on this exciting new journey.

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