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Powerhouse performer Gretel Hänlyn today releases her highly-anticipated second EP 'Head Of The Love Club'.

Premiering as Clara Amfo’s Hottest Record in the World on BBC Radio 1, focus track ‘King Of Nothing’ is a rollicking revenge track, cementing Gretel as one of this year’s most exciting breakout stories. In Gretel’s own words:

“‘King of Nothing’ is about how easily some dumbies will undermine or disrespect you, especially when you’re a woman and/or minority. This is me reminding myself they’re dumbies and giving myself a free card to yell at them - doesn’t solve much but it’s fun and takes the weight off.”

Gretel Hänlyn has spent the last year stamping her ground as one of female guitar music’s new frontrunners, imbued with a singular vision and wickedly unique voice. Inspired by 90s alternative artists like The Pixies, Smashing Pumpkins and PJ Harvey, 'Head Of The Love Club' is a suitably contemporary stride forward in the hotly-tipped artist's sound and marks a definitive departure from the indie-folk textures of her breakthrough debut EP 'Slugeye'. A heady mix of hi-fi grunge, goth-pop and alt/indie ballads, the EP features previous singles ‘Drive’, ‘Today (can’t help but cry)’ and ‘Wiggy’ alongside five other tracks that candidly display Gretel’s exceptional storytelling. Speaking on the EP, Gretel explains:

”When I wrote my first EP, 'Slugeye', I hadn’t done any live shows, I was 18 and learning as I went and you can hear that on the record which is what I love about it. But with 'Head Of The Love Club', I had a vision of what I knew I wanted to hear from myself, I wrote it as I’d want to hear it as a listener and audience member. I always crave that moment when an artist says something, no matter how simple, that kicks you in the tummy because you completely understand it. The new approach was difficult because it coincided with a time where my heart was very heavy - I was outraged and ended up having some of the most cathartic moments of my life upon listening back and finishing the record. It feels so gothic and kinda frightening at times, and then so funny and tongue in cheek the next moment - the full spectrum of the emotions of a 20 year old woman.”

Gretel will be embarking on a sold-out UK tour in April to celebrate the release of the EP with performances in Bristol, Manchester and London’s iconic Moth Club, will you be at any of the dates?

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