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Future Bubblers

Future Bubblers, a talent discovery and artist development program, is thrilled to announce the relaunch and revamp of the Future Bubblers Academy. This exciting initiative offers aspiring creatives and industry professionals the opportunity to gain hands-on experience and development across key pillars of the music industry.

With a focus on promoting inclusivity and providing access to underrepresented demographics, the program aims to inspire the next generation of musicians and industry talent. Supported by Arts Council England, the Future Bubblers Academy is set to evolve with the rapidly changing industry landscape and push boundaries in new directions.

The Future Bubblers Academy provides a comprehensive learning experience over the course of a year. Candidates will engage in real-life tasks and challenges in areas such as promotions and marketing, creating and releasing masters, and navigating the various aspects of the music industry, including funding, synchronization, and brand deals. Through mentorship from industry professionals and the Future Bubblers and Brownswood Recordings team, candidates will gain valuable insights and guidance to support their growth and development.

With a particular focus on individuals from disadvantaged socio-economic backgrounds and regions outside of London, the Future Bubblers Academy aims to highlight creatives who may have limited access to traditional music learning paths. By offering video applications, studio camps, workshops, and ongoing support, the program aims to empower talent from underrepresented demographics and amplify their voices in the industry.

Prospective candidates interested in joining the Future Bubblers Academy can submit their applications through the program's website at

The application process is open to unsigned artists and individuals seeking industry experience. This is an incredible opportunity for aspiring creatives to gain valuable knowledge, mentorship, and exposure, and to make their mark in the dynamic world of music.

By offering real-life experiences, mentorship, and long-term support, Future Bubblers continues to test boundaries and pave the way for new directions in the ever-evolving music industry.

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