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Future Bubblers
Future Bubblers 7.0 Features a Diverse Mix of Genres, Supporting Emerging Artists in Left-Field Music.

On November 17th, the 7th edition of the Future Bubblers Compilation will be ours for the taking. This project, an extension of Gilles Peterson's network and supported by Arts Council England, is dedicated to discovering and developing unsigned talent while building audiences for new left-field music. Thanks to the support of PRS Foundation as Talent Development Partners, the professional recording, manufacturing, and physical release of Future Bubblers 7.0 become possible.

What sets Future Bubblers apart is its cooperative model, which acts as a springboard for musicians' careers and provides direct revenue to artists. This model ensures that artists receive a share of the profits, resulting in a sustainable income to work from. Previous editions of Future Bubblers have launched artists like Yazmin Lacey, KinKai, MC Snowy, Forest Law, Victoria Jane, NeOne The Wonderer, and Kayla Painter, among others.

The 8-track compilation is a musically diverse collection, spanning Alt-R&B, Dance, Electronic, Jazz, Rap, Trip-Hop, and UKG genres. Future Bubblers 7.0, spanning just under 35 minutes, is an impressive showcase of emerging talent, released digitally and on vinyl. The compilation embodies the spirit of the musicians and the team behind Future Bubblers.

Earlier this year, Future Bubblers announced the Future Bubblers Academy, introducing a new phase in their talent discovery and artist development scheme. The academy aims to support candidates from underrepresented demographics, particularly those with limited access to traditional music learning paths. Candidates will take on real-life tasks and challenges, guided by mentors, covering areas like promotions and marketing, creating and releasing masters, live performances, and various industry-related topics over the course of a year.

The Future Bubblers initiative continues to play a pivotal role in nurturing emerging talent, offering support and opportunities for underrepresented artists in the music industry.

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