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In the heart of London's pulsating music scene a rising trio are on the path of domination, meet Frozemode.

Carving their own niche by delivering an electrifying fusion of gritty rap and avant-garde energy, their presence was unmissable at this year's Reading and Leeds festival. With their latest release, "Vermin," they are continuing to build their reputation further, capturing their unique essence while venturing deeper into the realm of the alternative sounds dominating the UK.

"Vermin" stands as a testament to Frozemode's prowess in the rap genre as they embrace their distinct musical persona, seamlessly blending gritty rap verses with avant-garde production. Demonstrating their ability to craft a formidable sound that resonates with their audience on multiple levels, Vermin marks a journey into new territory offering a trap meets rock fusion with an eerie atmosphere that captivates and unsettles listeners simultaneously.

The trio's rise as live performers has been nothing short of meteoric. Despite beginning the year with minimal live experience, Frozemode's live performances have left an indelible mark on audiences. Whether it be supporting Jelani Blackman or gracing Fabric's "Live & Direct" night alongside luminaries like Tiggs Da Author, Sam Gellaitry, and more, or captivating audiences at festivals like 2000trees and Reading & Leeds this weekend, Frozemode have showcased their undeniable stage presence captivating new fans with every live performance.

As Frozemode continues to challenge conventions and redefine the sound of alternative rap, their undeniable talent, electrifying live performances, and innovative approach have given them one of the best debuts we've seen in UK rap for a long time.

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