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Inspired to write as a form of catharsis and healing, Freya's debut release 'Land Back On Eath' is written about dreaming of love, freedom, and having it all.

Coming as a warm introduction to what Freya has to offer, Freya's music touches on the topics of love, breakups, and reality, drawing on personal experiences. 'Land Back On Earth' is more than just your standard love song, with underlying truths about our society by living to work, and not working to live.

Focusing on the fact we spend more time with our work colleagues than our loved ones, Freya focuses on the difficulties in losing connections and the meaning of community. Having vivid utopian dreams, and waking up for her dreaded minimum wage job, she doesn't want to wake up and come back to reality. Begging for something more than just the standard 9-5, Freya doesn't want to 'Land Back On Earth'. With the naturally simple arrangement and instrumental, Freya's powerful vocals shine leaving you mesmerised.

Freya is someone we all need to be paying attention to.

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