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Renowned British producer, songwriter, and artist Fredwave is back in the spotlight with his latest sleek release "Mind" with its accompanying visuals. Alongside this already stacked release, he has announced the upcoming launch of his EP, "GOODNIGHT June," scheduled for November 16, 2023.

Fredwave has been on a roll this year with enigmatic singles like "LA LA" and "Sleep," and his latest offering, "Mind," continues to showcase his unique blend of sonic innovation and a fondness for contemporary UK music.

Coming in at just under two minutes long, the track opens with Fred's vocals, pitched up, layered on a beatless bed of distorted strings before halfway through, it all comes to life with skittering percussive elements. Featuring a distinctive and melodic sound, his influences from artists like Jai Paul, early Flume, and Frank Ocean can be heard, but it still carries Fredwave's unique signature.

The track is accompanied by a set of sleek visuals directed by Jay Russell, providing the perfect introduction to Fredwave's highly-anticipated EP.

"GOODNIGHT June," set to release on November 16, marks the next chapter in Fredwave's artistic journey and is only his second project, following his acclaimed debut, "Failure." The EP comprises five dynamic tracks, including "Sleep" with its glitched-out vibe and the futuristic sounds of "Run (from the world)." This project solidifies Fredwave's position as one of the most exciting artists emerging from the UK music scene.

Fredwave's innovative and open musical palette reflects a homegrown artistic talent well beyond his years. As he continues to make his mark in the UK's creative landscape, 2024 promises to be another milestone year for this exceptional artist.

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