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UK rap luminary Fredo is back on the scene, unapologetically sharing his story in its rawest form with his latest album, "Unfinished Business." With a reputation for delving into the cold, hard realities of street life, Fredo's music has never been about holding back. In this 15-track offering, he digs deep, presenting candid tales and lessons learned that resonate with listeners on a profound level.

Following his breakout release, "sex on fire," Fredo faced criticism for straying into commercialized mainstream territory. However, "Unfinished Business" reaffirms his commitment to staying true to his roots, as he continues to lay bare his experiences through unfiltered and uncensored lyricism.

Kicking off with "My Story," a powerful track devoid of hooks and choruses, running for over nine minutes. In this epic opus, Fredo pours his heart out, discussing themes of gang culture, money-making, game-playing, and clout-chasing. The track sets the tone for the rest of the album, offering a glimpse into the gritty, honest storytelling that defines Fredo's style.

Tracks like "Scoreboard" featuring Tiggs Da Author and "Quarter Past Three" featuring Eric IV showcase Fredo's willingness to experiment with different sounds. Even as he delves into themes of love and intimacy, his signature grit remains present.

Throughout "Unfinished Business," Fredo grapples with conflicting desires, wanting to break free from vices while being pulled back into the streets. His storytelling delves into the world of gambling, drugs, and criminality, offering a stark portrayal of his life's intricacies.

In "Make Mistakes," Fredo makes it clear he'd choose a jail cell over a nine-to-five job. He acknowledges the irony of trying to guide his siblings toward a better path while grappling with his own challenges, as highlighted in "To The Max."

"Unfinished Business" encapsulates Fredo's authenticity, honesty, and growth as an artist. The album might not stray far from his usual territory, but it cements his place in the UK rap landscape.

With consistency and elevation, Fredo proves that his artistry thrives in its rawness, serving as a testament to his unwavering presence in the rap scene and a reminder that he's a name here to stay.

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