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Award-winning Nigerian singer-songwriter Fireboy DML has released his highly anticipated second single of the year titled "YAWA," showcasing his carefree and worry-free attitude this summer. Following his emotional hit "Someone", "YAWA" embodies a vibrant Afro-pop sound that perfectly complements the season.

"YAWA" begins with Fireboy's confident and assertive vocals, declaring his mission and dismissing any competition. The up-tempo beat features a fusion of traditional drumming and contemporary Afro-pop cadences, creating an infectious rhythm that urges listeners to let loose and enjoy themselves.

The bridge highlights the track's nonchalant vibe as Fireboy proudly declares, "don't give a f*ck," encouraging everyone to leave their worries behind and dance freely, 24/7. The song culminates with a harmonious blend of vocals and a captivating string instrumental, leaving listeners with a sense of relief as their troubles fade away.

Complementing the release, Fireboy has also unveiled a visually stunning music video directed by Primo and Perliks. The video showcases Fireboy cruising through the city streets in a luxurious red Cadillac with a white leather interior, accompanied by his love interest. Scenes of Fireboy being surrounded by adoring women, unfazed by his success, emphasize his carefree attitude.

Fireboy DML's latest release, "YAWA," is a testament to his artistry and ability to captivate audiences with his infectious sound and compelling visuals. As summer heats up, his carefree anthem serves as the perfect soundtrack for carefree moments and joyful celebrations.

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