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Kickstarting the year with a bang, Shepherd’s Bush's fast-rising singer-rapper Foxell has released his latest single ‘Red & Blue’ blending together all the aspects of Finn’s sound.

Produced by Paul Carr - producer of the fan favourite ‘Golden Nuggets’ on his latest project ‘Alright Sunshine’, ‘Red & Blue’ fuses together all of his strong influences with its rap heavy verse which he accompanies with a more punk-infused chorus. Showcasing a more vulnerable and emotional side to his music, we are taken on a late-night journey through the city.

In 2022 Finn expanded his soundscape as he tapped into more of an alternative space as he channelled his love for indie, punk, and rock whilst continuing to pay homage to the UK Hip-Hop sound he found his name within. Finn is a voice for this next generation, with his brothers in Elevation Meditation, they’ve changed the whole UK scene and inspired a whole new wave of artists since they formed back in 2015.

Ending 2022 on a high, Finn went out on his highly anticipated tour across the UK performing in Dublin, Bristol, Nottingham, and more all before finishing the tour in London. Capturing the crowds with all his classic singles, his latest releases, and even a few unreleased tracks, the energy in these venues was next level. To add to this high, Finn also found himself on multiple ‘Ones To Watch’ lists including Ticketmaster’s Ones To Watch and BBC R1’s Clara Amfo’s Ones to Watch in collaboration with Notion Magazine.

Let’s hope we see Finn continue this impressive run of singles in 2023, with festival slots booked for this year it’s time the masses hear about Finn Foxell.

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