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Elektra Records Welcomes Finn Askew with His Captivating New Release

"Used To This"

In a harmonious blend of musical prowess and emotive storytelling, British pop artist Finn Askew takes centre stage presenting the world with his latest single "Used to This".

The track's seamless fusion of shuffling drums, lo-fi guitars, and Askew's trademark raspy vocals invites listeners on an exhilarating journey of love, all while captivating visuals elevate the vibes.

"Used to This" weaves a soothing tapestry of musical elements, combining subtle percussion and evocative guitars to provide a relaxed backdrop for Askew's heartfelt lyrics. Navigating the poignant emotions of new love, capturing the exhilaration of such moments through a harmonious blend of sound and narrative, this sonic offering showcases Askew's distinctive style while ushering listeners into a world of raw emotions and resonating melodies.

Finn Askew's rise to prominence bears the markings of a modern-day music fairy tale. His initial hit "Roses", crafted at the tender age of 16 with GarageBand and a modest £20 microphone, is a testament to his innate musical talent. With a guitar in hand and a vision that knows no bounds, Finn Askew masterfully balances melodic hooks with dynamic guitar passages, offering a fresh yet timeless style. As a songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer, he effortlessly blends classic influences with contemporary nuances, solidifying his position as an innovative outlier in the music industry.

With a burgeoning global following and an ever-evolving musical identity, Askew's return to the spotlight promises an array of exciting musical ventures.

From heartfelt lyrics to captivating melodies, Finn Askew continues to redefine the boundaries of modern pop music, captivating listeners with each new release.

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