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Rising from Manchester's vibrant music scene, Fieves, a rapper-producer duo, are ready to captivate audiences beyond their local northern scene with their latest track, "Loss Is Loss."

Following the success of their previous hits, the duo's new single serves as a tantalizing glimpse into their upcoming project. Fieves' refined artistry, characterized by polished cadence and an enthralling rapper-producer dynamic, shines through in this highly-anticipated release.

With pulsating and ethereal beats, Fieverz commands the tempo with authoritative delivery, leaving a lasting impression. Exploring the complexities of the human experience, Fieverz fearlessly delves into the intricate journey of grief and navigating loss with profound lyrical finesse.

Recognized as pioneers of a unique sound that effortlessly blends conscious rap with UK dance music rhythms, Fieves have firmly established themselves in the Manchester music scene. Their electrifying live performances and support slots with esteemed artists like The Four Owls have solidified their reputation and expanded their reach.

Fieves actively support emerging and established local talent through their online platform, Barz in Carz, showcasing exceptional skills and uplifting the thriving Manchester music community.

With their latest release, Fieves continue their ascent into the ranks of iconic UK acts, poised to garner further attention and solidify their position as influential artists who hold serious weight in the industry.

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