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At the forefront of UK music's innovation stands Feux, a gifted artist blending soul-stirring harmonies reminiscent of D'Angelo, A Tribe Called Quest, and Bob Marley. His reputation as a 'project artist' goes beyond creating music; it's about crafting immersive experiences.

From standout projects like 'Pure Nine,' 'Dubious,' to his debut album 'Opal Blues,' Feux has carved his niche among the UK's music pioneers. Sharing stages with acclaimed artists such as Sainte, Lord Apex, and Freddie Gibbs, Feux consistently showcases his remarkable talent and charismatic presence.

Now enter Max Mantra, Feux's alter ego and creative sanctuary. This identity liberates Feux from self-imposed or external confines, allowing him to explore new frontiers fearlessly, as Max Mantra symbolises the courage to transcend limits and break away from predefined expectations.

As the project unfolds, welcome to Max Mantra "Side A," a portal into Feux's sophomore album. This isn't just another compilation of songs; it's a voyage into Feux's intricate psyche, reimagining R&B/Soul with innovative flair.

The allure of Side A lies in its transformative power, building on the foundation of 'Opal Blues,' Side A delves deeper seeing him redefine itself with heightened depth and emotion. Singles like 'Lightbeams' and 'Don't Fuck My Night Up' spearhead this journey, inviting listeners to experience a familiar genre through fresh lenses.

In monochromatic visuals, the project captures the essence of melancholy and reflection. The black and white theme mirrors the multi-dimensional music, blending improved vocals, alluring melodies, and experimental riffs while preserving Feux's signature sound.

"As an artist, I strive to be relatable, to connect with people on a human level. I want to inspire people and be seen as someone attainable, part of the crowd rather than a separate entity."

Through Max Mantra's Side A, Feux offers an intimate invitation for audiences to connect, be moved, and join him on this transformative musical odyssey.

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