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Femi Tahiru

Femi Tahiru, a fast-rising singer-songwriter hailing from Northampton, currently based in Manchester, is continuing to make waves in the UK alternative scene with his latest offering, "The First Time I Got High."

Following the success of recent singles "Jussai" and "Comfortable," Femi Tahiru presents a moody track that showcases his smooth, echoing vocals layered over scintillating guitar riffs and catchy percussive elements - the result is a captivating release that stands out this summer.

The inspiration behind "The First Time I Got High" draws heavily from Kendrick Lamar's concept of the persona "Lucy." Femi Tahiru's innate ability to provide compelling and authentic storytelling over soul-influenced beats has propelled him into key conversations within the UK music scene. Talking on "The First Time I Got High," Femi explains;

"This song was heavily inspired by Kendrick Lamar’s idea around the persona of ‘Lucy’. That there’s people around us at all times that almost force us to give into temptations that we know won’t serve us any good.

I don’t specify in the lyrics what it is that makes me feel high, because I wanted listeners to see if they’ve found themselves in a similar situation. It could be that, from my perspective of being a music artist, Lucy is a label offering me a bad record deal, it could be a highly toxic lover that’s luring me in with her physical appearance, who will eventually break my heart. Or it could actually be some dude persuading me to buy some bad acid.

All in all, it’s about being authentic, and true to yourself and listening to your intuition. Making the right choices for you and you only, no matter how much external forces may influence you."

Recently announced as part of Southbank Centre's 'REFRAME: The Residency Programme' supported by Apple, which empowers the next generation of Black creatives in the UK, Femi Tahiru is poised for another milestone year. With a project on the horizon, he continues to garner attention and solidify his position as an emerging talent to watch in the UK music scene.

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