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After what can only be described as a lifetime for fans of Everyone You Know, the dynamic duo are back with their highly anticipated comeback single 'Paper Aeroplanes.'

Blending together elements of euphoric 00's trance, with more modern sounds we usually associate with EYK, 'Paper Planes' is our first glance into this new chapter of EYK. Discussing the meaning behind the song, EYK shares,

"This tune is our first release of a bigger project. The project as a whole tells the story of a night or weekend out. And this particular song is the moment when it's 2 am in the club, your favourite tune is playing, and for a very brief moment, you're free from the stresses and pressures that come with everyday life. The song reflects on how delicate we can be as people but also touches on how both the highs and lows in life are never permanent."

Following EYK's well-received 12-track EP released in 2021 - which featured standout tracks like 'Higher,' 'Radio,' and 'Just For The Times' featuring Joy Anonymous - the versatile duo, seamlessly blend garage, dance, and punk influences, drawing inspiration from musical greats such as The Streets and Kano.

With the release of 'Paper Aeroplanes' and more new music on the horizon, EYK are back with a bang, solidifying their reputation as one of the most exciting and innovative artists in the UK.

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