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London-based duo Everyone You Know are back with their latest track, "Coming With You," and it's an energetic anthem that showcases their artistic versatility.

Known for their rapid rise to success with their fusion of garage, dance, and punk, Everyone You Know have become a name synonymous with innovative and engaging music.

"Coming With You" harnesses anthemic energy with multiple changes in tempo, making it a quintessential Everyone You Know track. Delivering catchy choruses that provide crowd-pleasing moments, while the drum and bass-inspired outro is poised to make it a dancefloor favourite. When asked about the track, Everyone You Know shared their excitement:

"We made 'Coming With You' nearly a year prior to its release date, and we’ve been buzzing to get it out since then. A lot of our songs are very heavy and meaningful lyrically, but this song is purely for the night out. Anyone who has ever experienced British nightlife and club culture would be able to relate to it. It’s the ultimate night out; 3:30 AM, falling out of the club, after-party, and after-after-party tune. We’ve played it live a couple of times already, and it’s been booting off. It’s a tune we’re really proud of, and we hope our fans love it as much as we do."

Releasing accompanying visuals for the track, we see the duo's tongue-in-cheek personalities shine as they take on a heist with "Mark", Fletch, and Callum - who are familiar faces to EYK fans. With humour laced throughout, and hints of the classic video "The Drive" visuals throughout - this is set to be another classic EYK visual.

With the release of "Coming With You," and previously released "Paper Aeroplanes," Everyone You Know are back with a bang, ready to captivate audiences with their electrifying music and captivating live performances.

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