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London-based vocalist and songwriter Eyelar has unveiled her latest single, "Care Like You," from her highly anticipated forthcoming EP, "Mistakes & Contradictions."

Produced by long-time collaborator and man of the moment Fred Again, 'Care Like You' showcases Eyelar's captivating vocals and raw songwriting skills, creating a moving and atmospheric experience for listeners. Reflecting on the track, Eyelar describes;

"Care Like You" is an almost revenge song. The lyrics are basically all the savage, hurtful things you would do to someone who has hurt you and doesn't care about you. If I didn't care like that person, I would have done all those things, but instead, I fantasized and wrote a song about it."

As one of pop's most promising rising stars in 2023, Eyelar continues to flourish in the music industry. Her new single, "Care Like You," is out now and showcases her exceptional talent and artistry.

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