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Etta Bond and Shaé Universe
Sometimes when two musicians unite what happens can only be described as magic, and that is the case with "Lie To Me" as the soulful Etta Bond and UK R&B star Shaé Universe reunite.

The two artists first collaborated on "No More Love" back in 2019, and fans have eagerly awaited their reunion. The chemistry between their voices is undeniable, and this new single is set to solidify their status as an R&B power duo. When Etta Bond and Shaé Universe come together, there's no room for disappointment.

Produced by Raf Riley, "Lie To Me" blends the sounds of Drill and R&B, creating a dynamic musical backdrop that allows Etta Bond to continue the narrative of life in a 'situationship', delving into the darker side of the story than portrayed in "A1."

Exploring the type of relationship that no one should really desire but one that many of us have experienced, it's about ignoring the signs and being so desperate to hold onto something that you'd rather be lied to than face the truth. Shaé Universe, expresses her excitement about the collaboration, saying,

"Magic is always made when me and Etta come together. It's crazy how we subconsciously created a 'No More Love' part 2, and it flowed so effortlessly. Everyone's gonna love it!"

Etta Bond, while acknowledging the difficulty of singing such words, emphasizes her commitment to honesty adding;

"I'm not trying to romanticize this kind of relationship. And in some ways, I wish I was singing about a different kind of love. I thought I'd moved past all of this. But life will keep hitting you with the same lesson until you've truly learned it," she shares.

With "Lie To Me" and "A1," Etta Bond is demonstrating her versatility and creative prowess as a songwriter, she's a multi-layered storyteller, painting vivid pictures with her music and lyrics.

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