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Etta Bond

British singer-songwriter Etta Bond is back with her latest smooth and sensual track, "A1," treating her fans to an intimate and candid music video that brings her storytelling to life.

Produced by her longtime collaborator Raf Riley, the song narrates the tale of a special person in her life and delves into the complexities of their relationship.

Etta Bond's distinct quirky and sensual style shines through "A1," as she delivers her soulful vocals with finesse. Loaded with melodic hooks and captivating lyrics, Etta provides a glimpse into the emotions and experiences that inspire her music as she continues to showcase her ability to create captivating and evocative music.

Accompanying the track is a thoughtfully crafted music video, directed by Kay Holden, offering a unique first-person perspective, providing an intimate view of Etta's narrative, beautifully complementing the song's emotions and adding an extra layer of depth to the storytelling.

With each release, she reaffirms her position as an artist with a distinctive sound and a compelling storytelling style.

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