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Independent rising star Elli Ingram has unveiled her long-awaited album, "Bad Behaviour," through her own imprint, PINC (Promoting Independent Newcomers).

Produced in collaboration with long-time creative partner Aston Rudi, the album showcases Elli's growth as an artist and individual. With 13 tracks recorded over four years, "Bad Behaviour" exhibits vulnerability and maturity, combining neo-soul vibes, punchy hip-hop elements, and live instrumentation.

The album commences with "No Plan B," a smooth slow-jam produced by Maths Time Joy, where Elli emphasizes her unwavering commitment to her music career. "Poor Baby," co-written and co-produced with Eg White, delves into the topic of child sex abuse with mournful production and powerful lyrics. "Growing Pains," released earlier this year, evokes nostalgia for Elli's early years, backed by catchy rhodes chords and an infectious bassline. The album also features the introspective and empowering track "Selfish," accompanied by the piano and strings that highlight Elli's vulnerability.

The album includes collaborations with notable artists. "Fool's Gold" features UK R&B star Mahalia, resulting in a sensual R&B piece with funky basslines and elegant vocal melodies. "Flowers," produced by Charlie Hugall, delivers an empowering anthem with Elli demanding love or departure from a lover. "Heavy" received acclaim from publications like CLASH Magazine and Mixtape Madness, showcasing an infectious chorus and an optimistic pop sound.

Elli Ingram has announced the Bad Behaviour Tour, set to kick off on October 25th in Manchester. Accompanied by her all-female band, Elli will perform in Leeds, Bristol, and her hometown of Brighton before concluding the tour with a headline show at Islington Assembly Hall in London on November 2nd.

In addition to the tour, Elli will be making appearances at various festivals, including El Dorado Festival, Kendal Calling, and Cloud X Festival.

"Bad Behaviour" represents Elli Ingram's artistic growth and showcases her diverse talents. The album combines neo-soul and hip-hop influences, highlighting her smooth vocals and introspective lyrics. With the announcement of the Bad Behaviour Tour and a busy summer schedule, Elli Ingram is set to captivate audiences with her exceptional live performances and continue her ascent in the music industry.

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