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London-based artist DWN MSS is making her debut on the solo scene with the release of the nostalgic R&B track 'Do It Right'.

Coming as the first release of many, we saw DWN dive into the world of 'situation-ships' and booty calls, taking us on a journey of love, we hear the tale of falling in love with your sneaky link. Packed full of R&B sounds, it's a track loaded with nostalgia from the sound to the themes - cause yes we've all been there.

After taking some time out of the scene to navigate single motherhood and this 'new world' of dating, DWN used her music as a form of therapy to find meaning in the not-so-certain world of life and music.

Having previously had a successful run playing festivals like Glastonbury and recording at Abbey Road, DWN is ready to come back with a punch with her "airtight R&B that is rich in both character and substance"

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