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Dilan Skies
Prepare to step back in time to the '80s with British-Indian Singer/Songwriter DILAN SKIES' latest infectious pop track, "No Love," taking us on a musical journey reminiscent of classic romantic comedies, where two heartbroken individuals find each other, but not everything goes as planned.

"No Love" is a continuation of DILAN SKIES' musical journey, featuring a slightly funkier production compared to his previous singles like "Make It Whistle," which has garnered over 125,000 streams, "I'm Not Him," and the recent "Hit Replay."

Both penned and produced by DILAN SKIES himself, in collaboration with Brydon Hulse at RDS Studio in Wembley, "No Love," explores a more mature direction in his music. Serving as a storytelling masterpiece sung from the perspective of the forlorn suitor who believes he's found his "missing piece to feel complete," however, his Juliet is only seeking a temporary distraction.

Undaunted by this unrequited love, our lovesick narrator pours his heart out over a groovy bassline punctuated by punchy brass, as his silky and bright vocals dance atop, creating an irresistible musical blend. "No Love" not only narrates the story of a star-crossed romance but also channels the toe-tapping funk anthems of Michael Jackson's early days while infusing a contemporary freshness into DILAN SKIES' catalogue.

DILAN SKIES' goal is to craft music that pays homage to the sounds that shaped him while providing a modern twist. His upbringing exposed him to Indian cultural music, Bollywood, Punjabi music, and the emerging Indian-English fusion scene in the UK as his unique blend of influences led him to discover his place in the music world.

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