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South London duo D Block Europe, have achieved a remarkable milestone in their career as their latest album, "DBE World," reached #6 in the charts, marking their seventh Top 10 album. With this achievement, they have surpassed the previous record held by UK rappers, tying with The Streets at six Top 10 albums.

Fresh off their outstanding headline performance at Wireless Festival, D Block Europe have continued to break new boundaries, propelled by the success of their recent single "Pakistan" featuring Clavish. Their unrivalled sound has not only garnered them multiple Top 10 hits but also led to gold and platinum certifications, billions of global streams, and collaborations with acclaimed artists. "DBE World" features 24 tracks, including contributions from notable UK rap peers and US rapper Oh Geesy, offering fans a fly-on-the-wall insight into their lifestyle.

D Block Europe's rise to prominence has been marked by record-breaking highlights, notably becoming the first UK rap artists to sell out double headline shows at Alexandra Palace in just one day.

Their cult classics like "Overseas," "Darling," and "Make You Smile" have catapulted them from their Lewisham roots to international recognition. Collaborations with renowned artists such as Burna Boy, Ed Sheeran, and Central Cee have further solidified their position in the music industry. Following their successful three-show run at the O2 Arena, D Block Europe released the summer-infused anthem "Side Effects" and the highly anticipated track "Pakistan" ahead of their seventh top-ten project, "DBE World."

While D Block Europe's success has allowed them to reach new heights, they remain committed to their fans. With "DBE World," the duo wanted to gift their audience with music for the summer, showcasing their gratitude and dedication. Although there are no plans to tour the project, the album is a testament to their desire to consistently provide quality music and connect with their supporters.

D Block Europe's latest achievement of securing their seventh Top 10 album with "DBE World" solidifies their position as one of the most influential acts in the UK rap scene. Their record-breaking success, innovative sound, and dedication to their fan base have propelled them to worldwide recognition. As they continue to push boundaries and break records, D Block Europe's impact on the music industry remains undeniable.

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