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'UK Rap' giants Dave and Centrall Cee have come together for the unexpected release of the collaborative EP, 'Split Decision.' Following their recent single "Sprinter," which showcased the dynamic chemistry between the two artists, they delivered an impressive display of rap skills and introspective storytelling. With four tracks that span various styles, 'Split Decision' has set Dave and Central Cee's positions as frontrunners in the UK rap scene.

'Split Decision' opens with "Trojan Horse," a self-produced track by Dave that showcases the pair's lyrical prowess and sets the tone for the EP. The introspective and emotionally charged "Our 25th Birthday," featuring rising UK soul singer Kamal, provides a deeper glimpse into the artists' personal lives and struggles. The EP also includes the infectious and widely acclaimed single "Sprinter," which garnered significant streaming numbers and sets the summer rap vibe. Closing the EP is "UK Rap," a catchy track that playfully addresses the preference for Dave and Central Cee's music among listeners who typically overlook UK rap.

Highlighting the versatility of Dave and Central Cee, as they effortlessly navigate different musical pockets. The EP encapsulates various rhyming patterns, punchlines, and storytelling techniques, showcasing their growth as artists. From the introspective moments to the bouncy rap and hard-hitting drill instrumentals, Dave and Central Cee demonstrate their ability to excel in different styles and push their sound to an elite level. As they continue to captivate listeners with their talent, Dave and Central Cee prove that their collaboration is a force to be reckoned with in the world of UK rap.

Is this the UK's version of 'Watch The Throne?'

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