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Danny Sanchez

South London's own Danny Sanchez is back with a bang, following up on last month's hit single "Ice Tea" with the playful alternative rap track, "Running Out" serving as a perfect ode to summer and the festival vibes celebrating people's resilience and ability to find joy amidst life's challenges.

Danny Sanchez has divulged the inspiration behind his newest musical creation, describing it as a reflection of the pressures of contemporary life and the sense of constantly running out of time. The track itself is a seamless fusion of soothing, gentle tones and more energetic, driving rhythms, with Danny's distinctive, soulful vocals adding an extra layer of emotional depth.

Taking to social media to share his excitement, Danny has hinted that this release is just the start, and fans can look forward to more musical offerings in the near future.

Known for his versatility and wide-ranging talents, Danny is a true innovator in the UK's burgeoning underground scene, equally at home with songwriting, rapping, and singing. His powerful, relatable lyrics resonate with audiences across the spectrum, making him a rising star whose trajectory is worth following closely.

Danny's success has been boosted by his collaborations with well-known artists. He has worked with Amsterdam's D&B producer Lenzman on "Gimme A Sec," partnered with up-and-coming star Bawo on "Brasileiro," and joined forces with Ashbeck on "Hold Up" and Bel Cobain on "Lately." Through these collaborations, Danny has demonstrated his versatility and talent for blending different musical styles.

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