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Dabieh, the co-founder and executive producer of Cloud X, continues to explore his introspective journey through his latest mellow rap track "lose control, " taken from his upcoming project "an awkward solitude. pt.1."

Dabieh has been rapidly establishing himself as one of the most influential creatives in the UK, capturing the attention of the public. Hailing from South-East London, he delivers another thought-provoking piece that effortlessly captures dream-like soundscapes, a signature element present throughout his discography, which has accumulated over 300 million streams.

"lose control." takes listeners on a sonic voyage filled with spacey textures and a palpable atmosphere.

Dabieh showcases his gritty vocals while narrating his personal journey of growth, navigating the social and creative barriers he has overcome. Through his experiences with hardships and mental health, he has gained self-realization and aims to leave a lasting legacy on the music scene. As he states in the lyrics, "Create chaos then construct an order, burnt bridges showed me open water."

While continuing to support emerging talents, Dabieh is now focused on his own artistic path. He is establishing himself as a leading voice for the new generation of artists who embody fluidity and evolution within the creative arts. Through his captivating production approach, he empowers fellow artists. His upcoming body of work features notable collaborations with relevant London-based artists, including Santino Le Saint for "livin on the line." (which has garnered over 120,000 streams) and acclaimed vocalist TS Graye for "gracie's therapy." These collaborations have received critical acclaim from publications such as WONDERLAND, NEW WAVE MAGAZINE, and ONES TO WATCH, among others.

As the release of his highly anticipated project approaches and Cloud X prepares for its largest music festival to date, Dabieh enters another breakthrough summer in his career. His passion for developing infrastructure and pushing boundaries beyond music sets him on an exhilarating path, making him one of London's most exciting and innovative young pioneers. His musical output reflects a fierce intellect that brings a refreshing perspective to the contemporary music landscape.

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