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dabieh Gracie's Therapy AW

Dabieh, the founder and executive producer of London-based label Cloud X, has teamed up with acclaimed vocalist TS Graye for his latest offering, "gracie's therapy." This sleek and melancholic track is the second release from his upcoming project, "an awkward solitude. pt.1."

Dabieh's atmospheric soundscapes have garnered over 300 million streams and counting, and "gracie's therapy." is no exception. The hypnotic production provides the perfect foundation for TS Graye's intimate falsetto. Her dream-like cadence contrasts beautifully with Dabieh's moody synths and sharp percussive textures as they explore vulnerability and passion with an optimistic approach.

Dabieh's desire to develop infrastructure beyond music has led him to empower pioneering talent in London and beyond. In 2018, he and fellow originator Ben Cross founded Cloud X, a record label and live music entity that champions innovative voices emerging in London. The label has supported the likes of A2, Kasien, Etta Bond, Kwaku Asante, and Santino Le Saint.

Cloud X has become a cultural hub for creatives across the music and fashion industries. Dabieh launched his own intimate music festival that saw performances from Lola Young, Knucks, Sainte, Juls, and Sam Wise, while gaining critical tastemaker support from i-D, Wonderland, The British Blacklist, Guap, and New Wave Magazine.

Dabieh's upcoming project, "an awkward solitude. pt.1," is one of the most hotly-anticipated releases of the summer. With Cloud X revealing their largest festival to date this year, we can expect to hear and see a whole lot more from this experimental innovator who is pulling strings across London's most significant new cultural markers.

If you're a fan of innovative music that pushes boundaries, keep your eye on Dabieh and Cloud X. They are at the forefront of a new generation of talent representing fluidity and evolution throughout the creative arts.

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