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There is no doubt that Corteiz are the leading UK Streetwear brand right now and what better way to kickstart 2023 than with an internet-breaking collaboration with major brand Nike.

Only a few days ago Clint took to Instagram to do a QnA where he stated he'd only do a collaboration when it "feels right" but little did we know he had this major new up his sleeve. Rumours started of the collab as the iconic Alcatraz logo found itself being projected onto the Nike London Store. It only feels right for this to be Clints first major collaboration.

With Drake recently posting on his Instagram a picture of himself in the latest 'Da Skydive' jacket, is this due to this collaboration coming as part of Drake and Nike's Nocta brand?

With no idea of what is to come in these next few months from Clint and Nike, what silhouette would you like to see them work on?

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