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Berlin-based musician, songwriter, and producer CROOK has unveiled his latest single "NERVOUS," taken from his upcoming mixtape "FEEL BETTER," offering listeners a glimpse into his dynamic approach to manipulating pop as he showcases his musical versatility and captivating storytelling.

"NERVOUS" begins as a pure indie-pop experience, enveloping listeners in its melodic embrace. However, as the song progresses, CROOK takes an unexpected turn. The feel-good vibe derails and the production descends into a captivating collision of breakbeats and distorted guitars. The juxtaposition between the initial pop sensibility and the chaotic climax adds a unique layer of depth to the track.

According to CROOK, "NERVOUS" is "the perfect soundtrack to your absolutely LIFE-RUINING crush this summer." Encapsulating the feeling that gives the word "crush" its name - a person who completely unravels you, evoking both delicious and terrifying emotions. CROOK captures this dichotomy with precision, allowing listeners to resonate with the intense and transformative experience of being unravelled.

With "NERVOUS" as the latest addition to his discography, CROOK continues to push boundaries and defy genre conventions. His ability to manipulate pop music while maintaining a folk-infused storytelling approach sets him apart as an artist to watch.

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