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The south-east London singer-songwriter, Courtney Courtney, arrives as an impactful new name.

Her soulful, tender vocals bounce over nostalgic guitar riffs and skippy percussive elements to create a resonant offering. Her talent and vulnerable lyricism draw comparisons to the likes of Mahalia, Lily Allen and Amy Winehouse. Building on the release of the debut track ‘Mums Car’, ‘Overthinking’ is the second drop from her highly anticipated debut EP.

The video depicts a failing relationship, with Courtney Courtney offering a compelling performance in front of camera, as well as in the music. The visuals inspire confidence in a way, with the main character realising her worth, and refusing to waste her time any longer. Speaking on the track Courtney Courtney states;

“Overthinking is about trying countless times to make a relationship work with someone who was never as invested as I was in the first place. It’s about reaching out time and time again and getting nothing back in return... but in the end, ultimately accepting that it’s over.”

Courtney Courtney is building a name for herself through her emotive lyrics and captivating vocal performances. ‘Overthinking’, sonically and visually, indicates the young artist to be finding her creative voice, with outstanding results. Her debut EP is shaping up to be a real gem, with Courtney Courtney cementing her place as a wonderful new voice in UK music.

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