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There's a new name making waves in the UK rap scene, and his name is Coults.

The North West London rapper has just dropped his debut album, 'COULTURE', and it's already causing a stir. With his unique blend of UK rap and American trap, Coults is emerging as one of the most exciting new talents on the scene.

it's only right we are treated with a cinematic video for one of the standout tracks from 'COULTURE' - "IS IT COOL?" by fellow London talent LAUZZA. The video captures the disorienting pace of London life, as Coults calmly delivers his melancholic flows. It's a mesmerising combination that showcases the young artist's undeniable talent.

Coults first burst onto the scene with his heavy-set debut record "Rover Trucks" ft. dialE in 2021. He followed this up with the release of his debut EP Rude Awakening, which showcased his unique flows and led to the release of his hit single "F&F" (7M+ streams). Since then, Coults has been on a fast-paced and eye-catching trajectory, earning breakout status and a stream of addictive singles.

What sets Coults apart is his distinct, melodic approach to rap. He manoeuvres through the spacey soundscape with menacing velocity, commanding every bar with the authority of a significant new talent. Coults illustrates a rigorous lifestyle hustling as a young creative, and his clear futurism is on full display across 'COULTURE'. With features from some of the most innovative artists emerging across London, including YT, CMillano, and Len, Coults cements himself as an unorthodox and talented frontrunner.

Already boasting over 400K dedicated monthly listeners, Coults is a bona fide young talent with a bright future ahead. His innovative brand of UK rap has set him up as a serious one to watch in 2023 and beyond. With 'COULTURE', Coults has firmly established himself as the next big thing in the UK rap game.

Words by Liam Tyler

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