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common goldfish
common goldfish, the moniker of musician and producer Jonty Lovell, is making waves as a dynamic musical force, blending genres and invoking nostalgia with each release.

"Tottenham Ritzy," pays homage to London's iconic early '80s and late '90s rave culture, capturing the infectious energy, vibrant beats, and euphoria that defined the time. The track draws inspiration from an interview featuring hardcore DJ Slipmatt reminiscing about the glory days, specifically mentioning the Tottenham Ritzy, an old nightclub in the heart of North London.

"I remember hearing this interview and hearing Slipmatt talk about the Tottenham Ritzy. My ears immediately perked up."

Shares common goldfish. A quick Google search revealed the venue's iconic impact on London's rave culture in the '80s and '90s, just streets away from where Lovell lives. As a local artist, common goldfish felt a compelling need to share the story of the Tottenham Ritzy. The track, with its apt title, serves as a tribute to the spirit of a bygone era that once ruled dance floors across the country. Lovell expresses,

"To be honest, as a local artist, there wasn't much of a thought process after that. I just felt compelled to make a track and share the story of the venue."

While "Tottenham Ritzy" is deeply rooted in rave music, common goldfish's production prowess ensures a fusion of multiple genres and elements, creating a groove that remains familiar with his signature sound. The track features Lovell's close friend and artist Dabieh, whose impactful vocal hook adds an extra layer of energy.

Speaking about the collaboration, common goldfish notes,

"His vocal delivery brought so much energy, and it's a lot of fun working creatively with your mates. I'm really excited to release the first collaborative single for common goldfish because it definitely won't be the last."

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