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In a momentous development for the UK Lofi Rap scene, two influential figures, Comfy and Kay9ine, have joined forces with the most sampled voice in Lofi Rap, the enigmatic US artist Shiloh Dynasty, for their collaborative EP titled 'Lost In Lofi.'

"Our fans have been asking us to collaborate for a long time, and the timing felt right when Shiloh reached out about jumping on records with us," says Comfy, while Kay9ine adds, "Lofi rap has been making serious waves, and it doesn't get any bigger than this cross-Atlantic collaboration between us and Shiloh. We're excited to see what this does for the scene. Lofi rap is about to reach new heights!"

This collaboration follows Shiloh's return from anonymity, co-signing the feature on Comfy's viral hit 'Hoods Hottest.' This marks the first official feature from the mysterious viral artist since collaborating with Juice WRLD and XXXtentacion back in 2017. The track, which reached #1 on Spotify's Viral 50 playlist, now officially features Shiloh Dynasty as a primary artist alongside Comfy. Growing in influence, Comfy has become the face of the New Balance campaign for JD Sports and was featured in Complex UK's influential '23 UK Rappers To Watch In 2023' in February of this year.

With the release of the 'Lost In Lofi' EP, Comfy, Kay9ine, and Shiloh Dynasty are set to push the boundaries of the Lofi Rap genre, creating a groundbreaking musical experience that showcases their immense talent and collaborative prowess. Fans eagerly await this monumental project that is poised to leave an indelible mark on the Lofi Rap landscape.

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