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TRL 2.0 Doves

Manchester's much loved Clints Inc, the innovative streetwear label, have unveiled their latest footwear creation – the TRL 2.0 "Doves." Building on their iconic silhouette, Clints our continuing to push boundaries and impress with their fresh combination of colours and functional design.

Originally recognised for their unique footwear range, Clints has since ventured into apparel and furniture, proving its prowess in diverse creative endeavours. Gaining a dedicated following, especially after the successful release of the Patta-co-signed Stepper and the introduction of the Stomper boot, It's the TRL sneaker that has Clints one step above the rest and the new "Doves" colourway is set to become another fan-favourite. Following the "Pinkies" version, the TRL 2.0 "Doves" boasts a sophisticated blend of grey and white tones, adding an understated elegance to the classic trek shoe design.

Crafted with a Neoprene upper, it ensures both durability and comfort for urban explorations, whilst incorporating layered panelling, providing enhanced ankle and foot support for all-day wearability.

As with any Clints product, the branding details are impeccable. The customary Clints logos adorn the heels, branded toe puff, and the sole, while reflective 3M elements add a touch of modernity and ensure visibility even in low-light conditions. Additionally, the shoe comes with a removable hangtag, adding a personalized touch to the wearer's style.

Whether you're a loyal Clints follower or new to the brand's signature style, the TRL 2.0 "Doves" sneaker promises to be a must-have addition to any sneaker collection.

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