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CHAI, the captivating Japanese band, have announced their forthcoming self-titled album, with the release of the album's lead single, "PARA PARA," and a series of live dates in the US, UK, and EU to support the new record.

Unlike their previous album, "WINK," CHAI's self-titled collection of songs draws inspiration from their Japanese cultural heritage and the music that influenced them. Vocalist/keyboardist MANA explains that the lyrics reflect their experiences as Japanese women, providing a deeply personal touch that led them to choose a self-titled album. CHAI's inclusive ethos is evident in their previously released track, "We The Female!," which showcases their energetic and bright performances while inviting listeners to join their mission.

"PARA PARA," the lead single from the upcoming album, pays homage to the wildly popular two-step dance trend that swept Japan in the 1990s. MANA describes the song as a celebration of the dance itself, with no deeper meaning attached.Encouraging listeners to embrace the two-step and let their bodies move to the beat of their hearts, realizing that the world is smaller than they think, and their problems are more manageable.

The accompanying music video for "PARA PARA," directed by Jennifer Juniper Stadford, explores the past, present, and future of art-rock and J-pop, showcasing CHAI's neo-kawaii movement and inspiring a brighter future for all.

In addition to the album announcement, CHAI also revealed live dates in the UK and EU:

- Nov. 1 – Berlin, DE @ Pitchfork Music Festival Berlin

- Nov. 3 – Paris, FR @ Badaboum

- Nov. 5 – Amsterdam, NL @ Tolhuis (Paradiso Noord)

- Nov. 6 – Brussels, BE @ Botanique – The Rotonde

- Nov. 8 – Southampton, UK @ Heartbreakers

- Nov. 9 – Brighton, UK @ Patterns

- Nov. 10 – London, UK @ Pitchfork Music Festival

- Nov. 12 – Manchester, UK @ Yes (Pink Room)

- Nov 13 – Glasgow, UK @ Broadcast

- Nov. 15 – Leeds, UK @ Headrow House

- Nov. 16 – Bristol, UK @ Rough Trade

With their self-titled album, CHAI delves into their Japanese roots and draws inspiration from the city pop genre popularized in the '70s and '80s, creating a nostalgic yet forward-looking sound. Written on the road, and recorded at studios in LA, Mexico City, and New York between shows, this project is set to truly capture the essence of CHAI.

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