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North London-based talent Carmen Lees has made her return with her captivating new single "Cocoon," as the first single since the release of her 2020 EP "Living Room."

Showcasing Carmen's naturally emotive vocal talent and self-production skills, "Cocoon" seamlessly fuses neo-soul inflexions with sleek R&B twists, accompanied by vibrant orchestral moments creating a notably sensual and immersive release. Through "Cocoon," Carmen opens up about her experiences of self-doubt after facing difficulties in the music industry, impacting her confidence as both a creator and a woman. Speaking about the track, Carmen Lees shares,

"Lyrically, it's an expression of growth, written to my old self who was more carefree and extroverted - encouraging my shyness and introverted ways to fall away like a cocoon. As a beginner female producer, this song allowed me to practice combining instrumental elements to create a song I view as art. It's very freeing to release a personal little snippet of my journey."

Using music to uplift storytelling and self-reflection, Carmen's natural inclination towards jazz chords and low-ebb hip-hop infuses her work with a significantly unique atmosphere, perfectly balanced by her standout vocal range.

Carmen Lees is ready to reintroduce herself as an artist and storyteller through a series of beguiling new releases. 2023 promises to be an exciting year for this talented and soulful artist.

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