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Announcing the release of her highly anticipated sophomore EP, 'after the stars,' with her brand new single 'no use' and an evocative official music video, carina continues to captivate audiences with her introspective and mature sound.

As an artist who pours her soul into her music, carina's EP is a testament to her growth and storytelling abilities, leaving no emotion unexplored. 'no use' is carina's latest single, following the success of hits like 'waste me away (demo)' and 'skew wiff,' which garnered her a lot of attention. The song explores the difficult and unrequited feelings of love and loss, reflecting on the experience of pining for someone who doesn't reciprocate the same level of interest. carina's poignant lyrics and unmistakably unique sound create a relatable and heartfelt piece. She reveals that after writing the song, the overwhelming feelings she had been grappling with dissipated. 'no use' is a testament to the power of self-expression and the therapeutic nature of music.

'after the stars' is an 8-track EP that takes listeners on a profound journey into the mind of carina, showcasing her talent far beyond her years. Baring her soul in this coming-of-age body of work, offering a storybook of her emotions and experiences. With each track, Carina uses music as a cathartic tool, allowing her to navigate her mental health battles and provide a narrative for her life.

carina has faced her own battles with mental health and disassociation, finding solace and an outlet for her emotions through music. Her music has become an extension of herself, allowing her to narrate her life experiences. Starting with the tragic death of her best friend, carina's songwriting has evolved into stories of heartache and the complexities of teenage life. Her breakout debut EP, 'spaceout!,' garnered significant attention from the press and radio, with notable appearances on BBC Radio 6 and BBC Radio 1. carina's work reflects self-reflection and maturity well beyond her years, offering a unique perspective that resonates with listeners.

As carina continues to make waves in the music industry, 2023 is poised to be a breakout year for this talented young artist. Her ability to express her experiences and emotions through her music sets her apart as an old soul with a young person's perspective.

With 'after the stars' and the release of 'no use,' carina solidifies her position as a compelling and authentic artist to watch.

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