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South London's up-and-coming rapper BZ has made his return to the music scene with the release of the vibrant, "Trust Issues," produced by the talented Eyes Adoasi - known for his work with artists like Headie One, Odeal, and Not3s.

With BZ's distinctive cadence and impeccable delivery, "Trust Issues" delves into the universally relatable theme of trust issues, touching on various aspects of life including relationships, friendships, work, and more. Laced with nostalgic and soulful production, channelling a golden era energy, the track gets further elevated by the elegant female adlibs that add a layer of elegance to the composition.

BZ's commitment to visual storytelling shines through as always in the accompanying music video directed by Delenn Vaughan. Set in a 1980s Black British cafe, the video takes viewers on a journey of infatuation as BZ's character becomes captivated by the lady behind the counter. Bursting with vibrancy and cultural references, the video transcends mere visuals to explore profound themes of love, perseverance, and the strength of community.

As BZ's musical journey unfolds, "Trust Issues" serves as another captivating chapter, inviting listeners to explore the complexities of trust in the backdrop of soulful rhythms and vibrant visuals.

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