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With the preview of this track doing outrageous numbers on Tiktok over the last week, B Young has dropped his highly anticipated track 'Word For Word' marking his return to the scene after a few months' hiatus.

Establishing a repertoire for his diverse and extensive library of love songs, 'Word For Word' continues to build on his repertoire building his own legacy. Delivering a heartfelt rendition, it's an openly honest love letter for those who have forgotten their self-worth in a relationship. Loaded with melodic flows and infectious hooks, B Young's melodic flows and contagious hooks once again are in the spotlight showcasing just what he can do.

No stranger to a viral hit, B Young has landed multiples chart hits throughout his extensive career from the likes of 'Jumanji' and '079Me'. Is 'Word For Word' about to follow this successful trend?

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