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Alternative hip-hop artist BUSHROD bridges genres with his latest release 'Always Wonder,' exploring themes of heartbreak and loss while amassing a dedicated following with his unique style.

British alternative hip-hop artist BUSHROD has unveiled his latest offering, 'Always Wonder,' a whimsical and mellow track that effortlessly spans neo-soul, indie, and hip-hop genres, delving into his personal experiences with heartbreak and loss, showcasing his unique style and lyrical prowess.

With its mellow and buoyant sound, combined with BUSHROD's heartfelt and relatable lyrics, BUSHROD effortlessly creates a resonant and engaging listening experience. It's a quintessentially British take on hip-hop, blending various genres to create a unique sonic landscape.

BUSHROD has been making significant strides in 2023, garnering a devoted following thanks to his playful aesthetics, razor-sharp humour, and his ability to lay his emotions bare through his lyricism.

Speaking about the inspiration behind 'Always Wonder,' BUSHROD explains,

"The song is about being on the receiving end of a breakup and the different emotional stages we go through afterwards. After experiencing heartbreak, the one thing we often want to do is message that person, even though deep down, we know it's only going to make things worse."

With 'Always Wonder,' BUSHROD continues to demonstrate his ability to connect with audiences through his authentic and emotionally charged music. His future in the music industry appears undeniably bright.

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