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Emerging singer-songwriter Brooke Sause is back with her irresistible latest release, "Consequences," following the success of her heartfelt ballad "How Long." Taking a different musical direction with "Consequences," Brooke embraces an upbeat and bubbly pop sound, perfectly complementing the carefree spirit of Summer.

Collaborating with her sister, Breana, Brooke has crafted a feel-good anthem that embodies the essence of living in the moment. Capturing the thrill of being young and adventurous, unafraid to let go and have a good time despite the potential pitfalls, creating a fun and flirty track that encourages listeners to follow their hearts and embrace the chaos of life.

With her distinctive sound and relatable storytelling, Brooke Sause continues to captivate listeners, marking herself as a noteworthy name. Marking another milestone in her musical journey with he release of "Consequences," it's clear that her talent and creativity know no bounds.

Her determination and impressive aspirations have set her on a path towards success, and fans can look forward to her debut EP, which is slated for release later this year.

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