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Brevin Kim, formed of Brothers Cal and Bren Paulhus, share brand new single ‘Ghost’ today alongside another visual instalment. ‘Ghost’ follows previous offerings ‘Shoulder Blades’ and ‘It Was Nice To See You’, ushering in a new era of intentionality and assurance for the duo and hinting at the arrival larger project this Spring.

‘Ghost’ expands on the themes established in the previous singles - an exploration of the pair’s complex relationship with the place that raised them. The indie-rock cut examines the complicated feelings that come with finally making the move from a place you feel you’ve outgrown. A total earworm with a monumental chorus, in essence ‘Ghost’ deals with the aftermath of taking that leap of faith. Speaking on the single, Bren reflects;

"I wrote this song because I was having sleep paralysis while living far away from home, being homesick and unfamiliar with the new territory. I would fall asleep and still be fully conscious but not be able to move my body. I would see a figure out of the corner of my eyes which was terrifying. So I decided to write about it."

‘Ghost’ sees Brevin Kim plough their vision forward, continuing to exist in the liminal times of genre, with the world-building of artists like Dijon, Paris Texas and Novo Amor as their North Star. The visualiser captures footage of the brothers back in their hometown, travelling down the roads they used to frequent while living between their divorced parents' two houses. Through this elevated era of visual and sonic storytelling, the band hope to encapsulate the duality of their relationship with their hometown - where moving away has both allowed them to scrutinise and shed ingrained ideologies, whilst simultaneously embracing the ways in which the psychogeography of their formative years continues to shape them.

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