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The highly anticipated debut album from boygenius, the acclaimed trio composed of Julien Baker, Phoebe Bridgers, and Lucy Dacus, 'the record' is finally here.

Boygenius' debut album has been praised for its honesty, vulnerability, and musical depth. The album features the trio's signature blend of indie rock, folk, and emo influences, with each member bringing their unique voice and perspective to the record. The songs deal with themes of heartbreak, loneliness, and the struggle to find meaning and purpose in life.

The album has already received critical acclaim from major publications, including Pitchfork, NME, and Rolling Stone. The Guardian described the album as "an impressive display of songwriting talent" and praised the band for their "harmonious vocal blend" and "guitar-driven arrangements."

Boygenius' music is known for its emotional intensity and raw, confessional lyrics. The band members have been compared to icons such as Elliott Smith and Conor Oberst, but they have also established their own distinct voices and style. With "the record," boygenius has proven that they are not just a supergroup but a force to be reckoned with in the indie music scene.

A short film directed by Academy Award-nominated actor/director Kristen Stewart via Black Dog Films has also been released, set to the first three singles, "$20," "Emily I'm Sorry," and "True Blue." The film premiered on MTV Live, MTVU, MTV Biggest Pop, and across MTV's global network of channels, as well as on the Paramount Times Square billboards.

The film guides the viewer through three vignettes that highlight the band's close and intimate bond. Kristen Stewart directed the film, which offers a unique perspective on the band's relationship and creative process. The band members have developed a strong friendship since they met on tour and are celebrated for their musical prowess and poetic lyricism.

Fans of boygenius can catch the band on their upcoming tour, which includes stops in Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, and more, before they head out to the UK and Europe. The tour will culminate in a landmark date at London's Gunnersbury Park, with support from MUNA and Ethel Cain, and two dates at Halifax's historic The Piece Hall.

Boygenius' debut album is a must-listen for fans of indie rock and emo music, and it promises to be one of the standout releases of 2023.

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