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BODUR - London-born Turkish-Sri Lanken musician - has released her debut 3-track EP 'ÖZ’

The title, translated from Turkish, means 'self' and reflects the concept of exploring transformative stages in people's lives. Throughout the EP BODUR delves into themes of youth, growth, and rebirth, offering a political and personal project, with the aim to inspire South Asian and Middle Eastern women who struggle with issues of identity.

Previously released 'GORGEOUS', delves into the experience of belonging to multiple cultures which She followed up with her most recent release, 'DON'T BEAT THE SWEET OUT OF MY BOY,' a collaboration with Denzel Himself that addresses toxic masculinity.

Collaborating with model and director Jade O'Belle for the music videos 'GORGEOUS' and 'MUMMY,' the videos incorporate mirrors as symbols of reflection, self-image, and perspective which align with the EP's themes.

As a North West London native, BODUR channels her natural virtuosity into an exploration of self and embraces her dual heritage and layered identities through her pioneering sound. Influenced by artists like FKA twigs and Flying Lotus, she combines elements of experimental pop and electronic music to create a unique and groundbreaking sound. BODUR's creative process, including learning to play the oud and hosting a monthly residency for Balamii radio, contributes to her growth as an artist and inspires South Asian and Middle Eastern women across the UK.

BODUR's EP 'ÖZ' consists of three tracks that capture different stages of transformation and self-acceptance. The first track, 'MY BOY,' explores toxic masculinity and the transition to manhood, featuring a verse from Denzel Himself. The second track, 'GORGEOUS,' delves into the beauty and discomfort of belonging to multiple cultures, highlighting the struggles of finding home and acceptance. The EP concludes with 'Mummy,' which examines the theme of rebirth through a toxic mother-son relationship and incorporates a heavier electronic sound.

In July, she will perform songs from the EP in her first live performance at the Roundhouse, and with plans for new music in the future, BODUR is a name that ain't going away.

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