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Inspired by a poem she wrote about her younger brother's transition from boyhood to manhood, London-born musician BODUR teamed up with producer Lapsung and Denzel Himself to create an enchanting soundscape - "DON'T BEAT THE SWEET OUT OF MY BOY."

With metaphoric lyrics like "don't turn his hands into fists, into blades," the song serves as a rhythmic and poetic plea against the grip of toxic masculinity on young men. This collaboration with Denzel Himself marks the only feature on BODUR's upcoming 3-track EP, titled 'ÖZ,' where the enigmatic rapper and producer seamlessly merges into BODUR's musical universe.

BODUR utilizes her natural virtuosity to delve into an exploration of self through her music. Embracing her dual heritage as a Turkish-Sri Lankan artist, she develops a pioneering sound that reflects her layered identities. BODUR's creative process has resonated with South Asian and Middle Eastern women across the UK, inspiring them through her authentic sonic and visual aesthetic. Drawing influence from artists like FKA twigs and Flying Lotus, she effortlessly fuses experimental pop and electronic elements to create a trailblazing sound. From learning to play the traditional Turkish instrument, the oud, to hosting a monthly residency on Balamii radio, BODUR fearlessly experiments with music.

"DON'T BEAT THE SWEET OUT OF MY BOY," showcases her powerful and poetic style as she addresses the impact of toxic masculinity. Collaborating with Denzel Himself on this track adds another layer of depth to her musical universe. As she prepares to release her forthcoming EP, 'ÖZ,' BODUR's innovative approach to music continues to captivate audiences, making her an artist to watch closely.

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