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Melbourne-based trio Blusher, known for their sparkly and energetic pop sound, have released their highly anticipated debut EP, 'Should We Go Dance?' Capturing the range of emotions experienced during a night out with friends, "Should We Go Dance?” is loaded with addictive tracks and infectious energy.

With each track representing a different aspect of the night, from getting ready together to confessions in the bathroom and dancing with friends on the dance floor, 'Should We Go Dance?' celebrates the range of emotions experienced within female friendships as they capture the grit, glitter, confidence, and chaos throughout the EP.

Featuring their previous singles "Softly Spoken," "Dead End," and "Backbone," the EP is finished with their latest single, "Limelight,” capturing the moment in the night when courage is mustered to confess feelings to a crush and take them to the dance floor. With every track drawing from their individual experiences as solo artists before forming the band, the EP serves as a testament to their friendship and shared creative process.

With their unique blend of nostalgic influences and hard-hitting dance-pop, the Melbourne trio is set to make a lasting impact on the ever-evolving pop music scene.

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