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Bklava unveils a new era with the single "Make It Work" on their own label 'Spin Suga,' empowering autonomy and promoting diversity in the music industry.

London-based DJ, producer, and vocalist Bklava returns with a brand new single, "Make It Work," launching their own imprint, 'Spin Suga.' Following the release of "It's Your Time" earlier this year, featuring a captivating visual shot in Beirut, "Make It Work" represents a new chapter in Bklava's career.

This club-ready single showcases Bklava's evolution since their self-titled debut EP, "Bklava," in 2020 under Ministry of Sound. Bklava's musical journey takes a fiercely independent turn with the establishment of their own label, 'Spin Suga.' This move aligns with the "Make It Work" mantra, as Bklava embraces autonomy, empowering them to release music on their terms and share the music they love without restrictions.Bklava shares their thoughts on "Make It Work":

"The lyrics serve as a reminder to make things happen for myself without waiting on others to fix things. Finding meaning in my music is a really important part of my songwriting process, and I always try to write lyrics that are thought-provoking, but 'Make It Work' is more about a manifestation through the lyrics and what the sonics allow people to feel while listening. The repetitive nature of the vocal is something I've always wanted to explore, especially being into a lot of music where the production will centre around a chop or one hook instead of a fully fleshed-out song. It's this intent of bringing out more club-focused tracks that hopefully gives you a little snippet of what's to come."

Spin Suga, originally founded in Brighton, aimed to promote all female and non-binary artists and DJs, with a focus on encouraging young women to enter the music industry and address the gender gap. The platform began by hosting events and livestreams but has now become the home for Bklava's new music, with ambitious plans for the future.

Since breaking through with their self-titled debut EP in 2020, Bklava has enchanted listeners with their infectious sound, described as "non-stop bops and flava." Bklava's shimmering productions and unique hybrid DJ and live performance sets, featuring their powerful vocals, have solidified their position as one of club music's most promising new-generation artists.

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