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Rising alt-pop artist Binki, has released a brand new single titled ‘Rocket Ship' accompanied by an eccentric and surreal music video.

The track is a lively and energetic expression of overcompensation and the breaking point where one can finally let go and take off. The music video follows binki, who plays the character of a street magician with a mask, trying to maintain his powers while being taken over by the negative vibes of the world. Binki explains that the song is about realizing when the vibes are off and when it's time to cut people out of your life to protect your mental health.

The new single is part of binki's upcoming EP, Antennae, set to be released on June 16th via Fader Label. The EP consists of cathartic anecdotes that reflect on binki's personal life and his position in the world. As a first-generation American, binki's experiences growing up in Pennsylvania and then moving to New York have inspired his music, which has a dramatic and voyeuristic feel. The EP's first track, ‘Hotel Window’, captures binki's self-deprecating vent on intimate social anxiety and his examination of his place in the world.

Antennae is binki's second EP, following his successful debut EP Motor Function, which has garnered more than 150 million streams worldwide. With his latest project, binki's sound remains kinetic and urgent, with influences from Siouxsie Sioux, King Krule, and Tyler, The Creator. Binki's unique vision for his music is on full display in Antennae, with unguarded and unsettling vignettes that create a singular and cohesive body of work.

To celebrate the release of Antennae, binki has announced a 16-date headline tour across the United States, with tickets available now. The tour follows his recent opening slot for The 1975 and shows alongside Alex G, Gus Dapperton, King Princess, Role Model, and Glass Animals.

With the release of ‘Rocket Ship’ and the announcement of Antennae, binki continues to establish himself as one of the most exciting new voices in alt-pop. His EP promises to be a high-stakes and rewarding project, with binki's unique perspective and raw honesty shining through.

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