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Fast Rising indie-punk band BILK have released their latest explosive DIY release ‘Fashion’, fresh from their hotly-anticipated album ‘BILK’.

With a strong reputation as one of the most exciting new names across the UK indie scene, this Essex-born young powerhouse -comprised of Sol Abrahams (guitarist and lead singer), Luke Hare (bassist) and Harry Gray (drummer) – have been building on success on success since their 2018 breakout single ‘Spiked’. Showcasing their kinetic chemistry across the latest release ‘Fashion’, we see Sol’s powerful tongue n cheek lyrics take centre stage as he breaks down social boundaries telling us not to conform to what others might consider cool or popular.

Speaking on the track, the band mentioned:

“Fashion is about not conforming to what’s considered cool or popular and just being yourself, telling anyone who don’t like it to do one. I used to try to put myself in boxes and fit in a lot and I wrote this song when I just said fuck it, I’ve had enough. All I can be is myself.”

With standout performances at Reading and Leeds festival, this trio are set to head out on tour again to celebrate the release of their debut album. Bilk are powering the new generation of British Youth Culture and are on track to be a serious name within the ever-growing UK music scene.

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